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 WIFI Dongle For Sale

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Nilesh Boodhun
Nilesh Boodhun

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WIFI Dongle For Sale Empty
PostSubject: WIFI Dongle For Sale   WIFI Dongle For Sale EmptySat Oct 17, 2009 4:28 pm

WIFI Dongle For Sale 1G2jpWIFI Dongle For Sale 1G2jp
WIFI Dongle For Sale 2yz00
WIFI Dongle For Sale 3nh1
WIFI Dongle For Sale 3nh1
This Wifi Dongle has not been used and is brand new, I bought it at Rs 1550 and i am selling it at Rs 1000
Contact me if you are interested on this forum or directly on my mail : boodhunnilesh@yahoo.com
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WIFI Dongle For Sale
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